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May 28 2014


Think About Your Last Workout To Get Motivated For Your Next Workout

max workout The research, from the University of New Hampshire, asked participants to recall a memory of themselves exercising. Some were asked to recall a good memory, while others were asked to recall a bad memory. What the researchers found was Shin Ohtake review that participants who thought about a positive memory were more inclined to exercise again, but even the participants who thought about a negative memory were more inclined to exercise than the control group, who was given no instruction of recalling workout memories. It could be beneficial for you to simply recall your last workout, even if you hated it. It's about finding that motivation to get back out there and give it your best. Exercise is physical, but it's really about mind over matter.
More http://lifehacker.com/think-about-your-last-workout-to-get-motivated-for-your-1574223215

March 26 2014


Should I Try The Fast Diet For Weight Loss?

On those two fasting days, you can eat 500 or 600 calories--for women and men, respectively. The promise is steady weight loss (about a pound per week). And in theory you don't pig out on your eat-what-you-want days because your max workouts stomach shrinks and can't handle large volumes of food. The added visite site benefit is better health. The science here. supporting fasting is growing: research findings from lab animals suggest intermittent fasting may lower your risk of cancer, delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's and improve your body's sensitivity to insulin. The science, though, is in its infancy and it's not all promising.
Read more: http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/try-fast-diet-weight-loss-141400221.html

February 17 2014


An Effective Bodybuilding Program For Women Over 40

Women in Horror Month 2014 Strength Is Ageless is a comprehensive guide that offers readers a bodybuilding program they can easily follow regardless of age. The program has been created in such a way that it will give great results in just 90 days, and it does not require you to join a gym. The exercises can be done at home, and the author explains them step by step so that anyone can practice them correctly. Because, in general, people of a certain age are afraid of using weights, Kriss Brooks also shows the readers how to train safely with them and how to prevent any form of injury. The Options url Strength Fitness Program can be followed by anyone, and the exercises start with the beginner level. Another important aspect the author has taken care of in her guide is related to the barriers people have when it comes to physical exercise. Theres that voice that whispers in your head you cant do it, its too late for bodybuilding exercises, or why bother. This book will help you identify these practical home page and emotional barriers and eliminate them one by one.
More http://www.examiner.com/article/an-effective-bodybuilding-program-for-women-over-40

February 01 2014


Healthy Living Centre Offers Osteoporosis Sessions

Participants will have access to the expertise of a physical therapist, occupational therapist, registered dietician and a pharmacist. Physical therapist Jana Evenson gave a taste of the sessions to come at Osteoporosis 101 on Jan. 23. Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones in which bone deteriorates and becomes less dense. As a result, explained Evenson, your bones may break from a minor fall or, in serious cases, even from simple actions, like sneezing or bumping into furniture. Fractures due to osteoporosis most often occur in the hip, shoulder, wrist or spine. Over 80 per cent of all fractures in people 50 plus are caused by osteoporosis, affecting 1.4 million Canadians, she said. Osteoporosis affects one in four women and one in eight men over the age of 50 years. Of the 30,000 hip fractures in Canada every year, over 70 per cent are related to osteoporosis, costing the health care system up to $44,156 per workout fracture if the patient is subsequently institutionalized. Most sobering, said Evenson, is the fact that 28 per cent of women and 37 per cent of men who suffer a hip fracture will die within the following year. Evenson shared tips on how to create a well-lit, trip-free environment at home. Besides the risk of fractures, other long-term consequences of osteoporosis include altered lifestyle, decreased self-esteem, decreased independence, chronic pain or loss of function due to a fracture and compression and dysfunction of internal organs.
Source: http://www.camrosecanadian.com/2014/01/31/healthy-living-centre-offers-osteoporosis-sessions

January 25 2014


Edward Snowden Is Now A Man Without A Country

Earworm The US is in a spiritual crisis when it comes to trusting the government and its actions with regard to search and seizure, due process, and the right to a quick and fair trial. Many men are being held in Guantanamo because the US will not admit that they have no evidence that would stand up in court. A lot of the gun control debate is the result of citizens distrusting the motives of government agencies in documenting which people have weapons. The recent interrogation of a man wearing Google glasses in a Columbus area movie theater by Homeland Security personnel demonstrates the need for concern, and reinforces the trust issues citizens have with government agencies. Edward Snowden clearly violated his security agreement when he disclosed the extent of the spying that the US government was doing domestically and on a global basis. His disclosures were no surprise to any real terrorists. The terrorists know that every effort is being made to find their location and destroy them. It is fair enough that the US is trying to stop another major terrorist attack. It would be helpful if anti-terrorist operatives assumed innocence until some valid proof is offered of a person's intent to commit terrorist acts.

January 17 2014


welcome to my online journey

welcome to my web journey
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